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Vila Kasi Holdings (PTY) LTD

Vila Kasi Holdings (PTY) LTD

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Objectives: Vila Kasi News 


  • We will ensure that Vila Kasi News gives a voice to the community and take a non bias approach in its reporting(always reporting fairly giving all sides of a story).

  • We want to create a communications platform for our local schools, churches, the community, local associations and other governing bodies, and ensure adequate space for them.

  • We will talk about our community information, challenges and needs (Social Issues, Socio economic announcements.

  • Provide an advertising platform for businesses at reasonable rates.

Objectives: Vila Kasi Expo's


  • Create  and Host Domestic Expo’s / Conferences / Indaba’s.

  •  Create a turn key solution for these Expo’s / Conferences etc. 

  • Promote and encourage domestic travel and cultural tourism.

  • Encourage GDP growth and business development.

  • Create a platform to showcase and grow local businesses.

  • To deliver an innovative world-class authentically South African experience at our expo's that will promote and facilitate the development and growth amongst SMME’s.

  • Equipping and empowering SMME’s in these various industries especially from historically disadvantaged communities.


Objectives: Vila Kasi Media


  • We will be the lead services provider of mass media tools and solutions.
  • To establish and development broadcast media platforms such as radio, recorded music, film and television in our communities. 
  • To provide an affordable outdoor media solutions for small business and communities that comprises of billboards, signs, or placards placed inside and outside of commercial buildings, sports stadiums, shops, and buses.
  • To optimize the use of digital and social media,the Internet and mobile mass communication, such as email, websites, blogs,sms etc.


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